Community Informer

Community Informer is a combination of messaging tools offered in conjunction with your local police, fire, and community managers to keep you and your community safe and informed. We offer this service to both large and small communities. This helps to develop a meaningful relationship between community leaders and their constituents. Individuals in the community purchase a one year subscription and typically receive a weekly call containing a two minute roll up of significant activity in your local area. Designated community representatives will have an emergency messaging capability via text, voice, email or social media to contact subscribers.

You will be contacted for bi-monthly one hour community tele-conferences delivered by the local police and fire departments and / or their designated safety coordinators. Community leaders will have the ability to poll their listeners and get instant feedback on the initiatives and actions taken by their departments. Lastly, as time allows you will have the opportunity to conduct question and answer sessions with your local community leadership. It's a solution that allows community leaders to connect with interested parties without increasing the financial burden on already stressed local budgets.