Emergency Messaging

In a true emergency, be it a natural disaster, lone gunman or complex attack, the damage to infrastructure is completely unpredictable. Furthermore, there is no way to accurately estimate which circuits will be overwhelmed by the demand for information and the desire to get information out. What you can be sure of is that if your provider does not have redundant, dedicated access, as well as a redundant geographically diverse network of servers, the infrastructure that remains undamaged in the affected area is much less likely to be available to them.

Dispatch Nexus can deliver a wide variety of message types from voice broadcast, texts, email, and social network posts from a single list. If you need to reach your customers, employees or affiliates with multiple types of contact information, we can help. We have integrated text to speech translators that can further speed the process of information flow.

Mass conferencing can be used to contact your list of response teams, and push information out. Furthermore, you can take questions from regional supervisor or team leaders. These functions allow you pass mission critical instructions while receiving real time feedback. Lastly, having your entire team listening ensures instructions don't get lost in translation.

Our real time contact statistics provide instant feed back on who has been contacted. This allows emergency response managers to divert resources form high contact areas to low contact areas instead of spread loading and/or wasting valuable assets. Our system provides an auditable list of notification deliveries, and has the ability to do unlimited re-contacts until your responsibility to notify has been met.