Our network is cloud based, secure and redundant to ensure there are a minimum of three fail safes to minimize down time. We have physical servers in Virginia, California, and Singapore. Each server is updated in real time and there is never less then one primary and one back up server available to meet your needs. Our routing system will automatically route traffic to functional servers during a disaster so that in the event of infrastructure damage during an emergency, our system will still be functioning in the functional parts of the world.

Our access is dedicated. We have dedicated ports and dialers tied directly to 6 different tier one providers operating in North America and throughout the globe. We have priority access to additional ports across those same carriers in the event of an emergency.

Our network is constantly tested. We spread load our standard traffic across a variety of carriers which means the system is constantly testing each carrier and can intelligently route around non-functional platforms as necessary. Down time is a reality of information technology – redundancy is the only truly effective method of minimizing it.

We own access, not equipment. Many providers own and maintain their own equipment. We took the opposite approach. We selected a broad base of reliable carriers who owned or leased their fiber and we purchased dedicated access to their bandwidth and equipment. We don't hire technicians to maintain equipment, we don't run fiber, and most importantly, we don't rely on our one and only server located in our one and only facility to be up and functional when you need it. We constantly monitor and send traffic over the best carriers in the industry to ensure they do that for us. We provide access to one of the most diverse and redundant custom networks in the industry.